Remember and share a life lived

When your emotions are running high and the words won’t come, placing a notice or paying tribute to a loved one is now simpler for you to share, with a post on Life Lived.  Life Lived gives you a formal and central posting-point to acknowledge and relate your thoughts, feelings, photos, and memories of someone dear, in a social media forum – in full colour, and visible around the world.

A Life Lived tribute is never lost.  It’s there to be remembered.

You can now express your feelings in a private and personal setting, and at a convenient time.  Say what you wish, see what others express, and have it all on one page to remember the life your departed lived – for a lifetime to come.  Finding the right words to express your grief, your support, and your memories at a difficult time doesn’t have to be hard.  You can access our examples and suggestions to help you express the right words about your family member, or friend, in your own way.  Life Lived gives you the option to say what you feel, with a selection of options to present a brief or extended message.  It really is simple, and Timeless!

Damian and Steven are the Co-Founders of Life Lived.

Damian knows, first-hand, that the death of someone close makes for a tough time.  “Having been through the process of trying to trace funeral arrangement details and published tributes, following the passing of one of my best friends, was difficult.  I didn’t want to bother the family in their time of grief.  I wanted to say so many things, and share them with others.  A newspaper entry seemed so cold.  My best mate deserved so much more.”

Steven was also inspired when he found out about his own great mate’s passing (from someone who saw the information by surprise).  “It just didn’t seem right.  I wanted to find a more compassionate, united and positive solution to cope with and share my feelings.”  

Damian and Steven knew there had to be a better way to remember a Life Lived – with dignity, heart and a blend of tribute messages from all who knew them – with love, compassion, shared memories, sympathy for the loss, reflection, and support for everyone concerned.  Their mission became to create a community of shared memories and tributes that join hearts, as those who celebrate the life lived join together to grieve their loss as one, in an easy-to-find, online location.

You’re invited to leave a special notice or tribute for a friend or relative on Life Lived… A timeless memory in your very own words.

Photo credits to Andy Fitzsimon according to Creative Commons