Suzanne Elizabeth ACZEL

Date of birth: 12 June, 1959
Date of passing: 18 August, 2021


Suzanne Elizabeth


Loved wife of Tom

Loved mother of John and Jasmine.


Due to Covid Restrictions , A Private family Funeral will be held.

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Suzanne Elizabeth

Due to Covid restrictions a Private Family Service for Suzanne will be held on  THURSDAY August 26th at 2pm. 

A  private cremation will follow.

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Simon Mulqueen(Prop.)


Irene Spencer shared

My sister Sue,
Together we shared a child’s world, we talked, we shared many hurts and joys.
I’ll treasure all those memories of growing up with you, the secrets we would always share, the childish things we’d do. I will keep with me the good times that we shared, I want you to know just how much I really cared. Nobody told me that you were going to die, it hurts, I never said Goodbye, to the heavens above, I wish I could fly, only to give you a warm Goodbye. Sue, you are now with mum and dad.

Michelle Havas shared

Dearest Sis Sue

I will always treasure the time we did spend together. While growing up, & as adults. We faced many unforeseen challenges, but please know that I never stopped loving you. I will forever cherish our good times. The way we used to sing together, draw & write our stories. All those sleepovers, & all the laughter we had shared. How much we were alike. Mum, dad & God will take care of you. We will meet again someday.

Tom Aczel shared

Both Sue’s Father and Mother were born in Budapest, Hungary and migrated to Australia where Sue’s father worked on the Snowy Mountain Hydro Scheme. Sue attended school at Coburg Primary School were she was raised by her paternal grandmother as both of her parents worked.

Later on the family moved to Campbellfield where she worked at the local army barracks and then Columbo Fashions. She became engaged to John, an army soldier. That engagement felled through and both Sue’s mother and her good friend Anna saw an opportunity to perhaps match make Anna’s son who’s marriage had just split up, with Sue.

So it came to be, that both Sue and Tom were arranged to be at mutual friends house to meet. The outing was enjoyed by all with both Sue’s and Tom’s eyes seen looking at each other when the other wasn’t looking and some polite conversation. To the dismay of both mother’s nothing seemed to had happened.

Some four weeks later Tom rang Sue to ask out for a date. Well Sue got all dressed up, makeup, styled her hair and then went out to the live band performance at Sandown Pub.

Sue and Tom got along well with Sue even going on dates with Tom’s sisters at a Roller Skating rink. When Tom moved to Murrumbeena, Tom asked Sue to move in with him and enrolled her at Ashby’s Business College to complete a Keypunch Operator Course.

On completing that course Sue got a job at Statewide Building Society that later became the Bank of Melbourne with her big boss being no other her future mother-in-law Julia.

Sue and Tom later married at St Giles Uniting Church in Murrumbeena on the 13th of February, 1984. Sue and Tom both worked hard to save up to buy a house and ended up buying Tom’s father house in Mount Waverley.

Five years into their marriage their son, John was born with his sister Jasmine joining the family ten years later (nearly to the day if it weren’t not for the leap century and two leap years in the ten day period).

In 2001, they built a new house in Lysterfield and Sue enjoyed taking the kids to school and sneaking off to her favorite cafe at Knox Shopping Centre.

During 2008, Tom brought a weekender in Bealiba, between Bendigo and Horsham, and both John and Jasmine loved their new country life with Sue very reluctant to move out to the country. Sue’s first major illness saw her having to move out with the rest of the family for her to be cared by them.

Sue and Tom decided to build a new house on their 20 acre property and two weeks after getting the keys, their Lysterfield house was destroyed by a freak hail storm in Melbourne. Not many families get to build a new house in time for their house to be destroyed, but that’s Tom for you. As there were so many properties damaged in Rowville and Lysterfield, it took 22 months to sell.

In the meantime, Sue got to hate Melbourne and loved the country. She managed to find other cafes and loved her life with her family, especially her granddaughter Rosie, and many online friends

A Tribute for Suzanne Elizabeth ACZEL by Tom Aczel

Stephanie Peck shared

I will try my best to be there for Jasmine and Rosie for you R.I.P xx

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