Steven Johnson

Steven Johnson
Date of birth: 22 July, 1965
Date of passing: 29 April, 2017

22/7/1965 TO 29/4/2017

After a year of battling this horrid brain cancer the rarest and most aggressive, with your fighting determination, the beast took you away from me, and our treasured daughter Breanna
The world is so cruel having lost both your mum and dad within the last 18 months too.
My cruise 56 living souvenir, a gentle kind hearted free spirited soul a loving fun dad to our Breanna and Your collective farm pets. especially YOUR miss Kitzy girl and Max your private nurse cat, and its ok YOUR naughty goat Arli won’t get cooked up… along with all your other pets that you dotted on. they miss you too
After 17 years 7 months 14 days’ millions of memories lots of fun and selfies I have to say sad you fought a battle you could never win.
You were a fun loving dad who loved to watch our Breanna dance at any chance you could, and with your own style we will always giggle I’m sure you’ll be on stage at the WFOD in May cheering her on picking up tips on your tapping skills for Miss V and Miss Jessie.
Enjoy your cuppa with your mum and dad and our dear friends Coey, Judith, and Cissie
I am sad we didn’t get our planned trips to our honeymoon island and your final cruise because of this horrid beast but I will carry your spirit with me on your next journey with our Breanna.
Steve you were an amazing brother and brother in law and you are missed as our Johnson family chain breaks again. Bill and trish Geoff, Clint and Tracey, Glen and Vicki, Lance, Julie and Scott.
And my side Allan and Kathy, Wayne and Michelle Rob and Colleen Graham and Janiene
Of course dear Ma and Pa.
Pa will expect you to do some art in those clouds for ma to take pics of I must say goodbye now I love you with every heart beat still left with me until I’m back in your arms again. ill finish with what we use to do for our love letters S.W.A.L.K. see you in the next rainbow love Margot Breanna Ma and Pa XXXX

Steven Johnson

Funeral Notice

Funeral Details

Steve’s final party will be held at Happy Valley Hall, Rosewhite on Thursday May 4, 2017 from 2pm onwards.
Donations in memory of Steve to the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation would be appreciated. Envelopes will be available.

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