Melanie Lorelle Verso

Melanie Lorelle Verso
Date of birth: 03 September, 1982
Date of passing: 04 May, 2017

Passed away suddenly after a long and painful battle.
You were so strong and so brave.
Loved by All
Forever in our Hearts
— David, Karen, Michael, Rachel, Shane, Vivienne, Luke and families.

Passed away Suddenly after a long & painful Battle on Thursday May 4, 2017.
Beautiful & loving daughter of Karen, loving step daughter of Bill & loving sister of Michael, Rachel & Shane.
You are such a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. You have always been a kind, loving, generous & selfless person. You always put everyone else before yourself. The courage & strength you had through this terrible time is something to really be admired for, the way you dealt with & fought through these last 10 months. You touched so many hearts of so many people with your heart of gold. You are now set free & no longer in any pain & at Peace Now. You are & have always been my precious little girl. We have all been blessed & very grateful to have had you in all our lives. You are so sadly missed & are in our hearts & thoughts every minute of the day. When we meet again I can give you more hugs & kisses & lots of laughs.
Love you & miss you so very much, & love you always & forever.

Beloved daughter Melanie
We love You.
Your sunny disposition put you on our pedestal.
You were so strong & so brave.
A heart so pure.
We love You – Dad, Cass & Vivienne

Dearest Mel, my beloved sister,
I love you more than words can ever say & the memories we share will never be forgotten.
You will always be in my heart & in my thoughts, each & every day until we meet again.
Be free my angel, you are in pain no more.
Love you – Rachel & Rob

Melanie Lorelle VersoMelanie Lorelle VersoMelanie Lorelle Verso

Funeral Notice

Funeral Details

The Funeral Service for the late Miss Melanie Verso
will be held at Bridges Restaurant, 1075 Heidelberg-Kinglake Rd,
Hurstbridge on MONDAY May 15, 2017 commencing at 11a.m.

Afterwards the cortege will leave for the Arthur’s Creek Cemetery.

No flowers by request, donations in lieu to the Olivia Newton-John Centre.
Envelopes available at to service or go to the following link to make donation online:-

Luke Wilkes shared

To my darling Melanie,
You were taken away from us, too early & young. For the past 8 months, you had shown a huge amount of strength when you were in pain, when feeling down you always picked yourself back up & dusted yourself off. You were diagnosed with stage four-pancreatic cancer & you were determined not to let it get you down.
Melzy I cannot explain how I feel or what I am going through without you but I feel empty inside, numb, hollow & motionless. I have a massive piece in my heart that feels so empty.
You have taught me so much & wasn’t afraid to tell me how it is or was. We would help each other & we worked towards a common goal of building our empire. I have lost my best friend & my soul mate. You loved your fur babies, your family came first & most of all you were always at the ready to help someone when they needed it. It was always the task at hand & sometimes you forgot to look after the bigger picture (yourself).
When we first met, you were a quiet, happy, hardworking, country girl, & I seemed to be the kid who grew up worlds away even though our lives crossed paths. I’m very glad that Mum had kept trying to set us up as now I know Mum had seen all the goodness in you that you had shown me for the past 10 years.
We had moved into our home together & we had started building our empire. We did heaps of stuff together & our dogs, cars (beasts) made us happy because it was ours.
You were the life of the party the person who walked in anywhere & lit up the room with your presence.
I love you to the moon & back, to infinity & beyond as we had said to each other all the time. I know you held a special place in your heart for me as I did the same for you.
You did not like being called Melanie, you’d rather be called Melzy or Mel, but I had always said Melanie is a beautiful name & I would call you by it when I was telling you off or to get your attention or sometimes just to annoy you.
I will always love you Melanie & now you are my Melanie not Melzy or Mel as Melanie sounds beautiful, peaceful, kind hearted & my Angel deserved more than you got. You are one of a kind & people like you are very hard to find but I’m glad we got to meet (no Regrets). You have seen quality in me that no one had seen before & over time you tweaked us into a well-oiled, fine-tuned machine that when fired on all cylinders was loud, fast & un stoppable.
You have a beautiful smile (smirk) that was a trademark from the Verso genes and made you the person you were. The smile (smirk) would light up the room & turn any frown upside down.
I love you my darling, my sweetheart, my best friend, my lover, my angel. You are with the angels now & are resting peaceful & most of all no pain as that was one of the things we couldn’t control. You are happy & at peace my darling. May you rest in peace. I will always love you to the moon & back & darling may the 4th be with you. Love Ya Guts
Lots of love – Luke

Cindy Carr shared

Mel it’s so unfair the way you have been taken from us on the 4th May 2017 with this terrible illness that you have fought so hard to overcome & with all the pain. We could not have wished for a better daughter in-law/daughter you opened your whole heart to our family, you were there for anyone of us when we needed you & cheering us up.
You were a person who never put herself first always thought of everyone else & if they were happy so were you.
We are so happy Mel & Luke got together & been together for ten years & seen how they both made a life together they are each other’s soul mates & each other’s rock. You are such a beautiful & special person, you were our angel.
We will miss your smile, your laugh & being around us.
Mel, you will be sadly missed, We love you so much, You will always be in our hearts.
Lots of love Cindy & Steve – xoxoxo

Tania Truran shared

Rest In Peace Mel You will be sadly missed. My Condolences to Luke family & friends. xxTan

Carmz Miller shared

Oh Melzy why did u have to leave us so soon. Its unbearable. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing you are out of pain now. You’re so god damn special to me (Caila & Jett miss you so much too) You are sadly missed by so many & im hoping you can sence that from above. You were the most selfless person i have ever met and you taught me so many things. You were there to lighten me up and keep my head on straight when things were bad. You were there within a flash.
  You were such an awesome friend – and awesome doesnt even come close. *GROUSE* yeah lets use our word *GROUSE*
The memories….they wont stop going over & over in my head.
The day i told you i was pregnant with Caila you were driving and you screamed so loud and took both hands off the wheel.
We were living together in Sth Morang and ill never forget you jumping on the bench because you saw a little mouse.
You hated horror movies, your big feet, especially your toes. You wouldnt swallow tablets. I was very impressed the day  i was in hospital with you and down the hatch it went. AMAZEMENT PLUS.
You hated people touching your eyes. ‘Carmz do my make up plz…..just dont touch my eyes’ ‘Um Mel I HAVE TO!!!!’
Our late night driving around were awesome. Just you and me talking crap. You and your hypercritical roadrage. You had to be 1st to go at the green light. The excitement on your face was priceless and ‘YEAH’ you would say.
You loved your cars. I remember you buying your first green Lancer and as you pulled out of the persons driveway, you did a massive burn out. It wasnt deliberate lol
For your bday all us girls put in to buy your number plates MELV 03 – the high pitch scream. Still rings my ears even to this day. Your RAV4- how excited you were when we were counting down the days of it being paid off and i get a phone call’ rrrr Carmz, you know the hail at xmas? Well my car has been written off!!!’ JUST PAID IT OFF.
Late night 24hr kmart runs were awesome. You would drop me home and we would sit out the front of my house  in your car just yapping away for hours then realised it was getting light and id run inside.
Who’s going to be my lolly jar raffle lady at xmas time? Who’s going to come over and light up my whole house with that beautiful friendly presence. Who’s going to scream everytime they had their legs waxed and wave them done after screaming the roof top off and say ‘just a sec, just a sec!- no wait, just a sec!’ You were hilarious. Whos going to play bingo with me when we are old?  Who am I going to call  when a new Boofa number plate pops up on the road? Whos going to go to TGI Fridays with me and have an Ultimate Mudslide and try and steal the glasses. – wait that was me because you wanted one. Whos going to make the best rumballs of all time? The list could go on and on.
Im going to miss your hugs. You saying ‘Everything is going to be ok Carmz’ Nobody can replace your hugs. The smell of your hair when i jumped in the car.
I miss your guts so much Melzy xxx

A Tribute for Melanie Lorelle Verso by Carmz Miller

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