Helina Joy Murray (Haimona)

Helina Joy Murray (Haimona)
Date of birth: 23 August, 1976
Date of passing: 09 February, 2016

Helina Murray(Haimona) will lay in state at 75 Graham Street Albert Park on Sunday the 14th of February from 11.00am.

Funeral details below.

After the Funeral there will be a celebration of Helina’s life at the Palmerston Hotel 51 Palmerston Crescent South Melbourne from 2pm. Melways Reference 57 J2

Helina Joy Murray (Haimona)

Funeral Notice

Funeral Details

The Funeral service for Helina Joy Murray (Haimona) will be held at the Reflections Chapel, the Necropolis Springvale, on Monday February 15, 2016. Commencing at 11.45am.
By request please wear bright colours.

Lincoln Harland shared

H, my beautiful mate they broke the mold when they made you ,my heart is broken in a million pieces , your presence in my life and everyone else’s will be deeply missed ! You were such an incredible women , I’m so lucky to have had such a loving and kind friend like you,I’m just so sad there will never be anyone quite like you “H”I wish I didn’t have to end so soon ,I’ll alway love you till the day I die your mate link xxxxxxxxxxx

Jo Edwards shared

You first approached me in the Breakout area at AXA some years ago and asked me if I remembered you, and of course we knew each other from Ross Street Port Melbourne. I tell you now I will never ever forget you! You are an inspiration to all and I for one am a better person for knowing you. You just lit up any room you walked into and just made any bad day into a good day. I will be forever grateful that I can call you my friend. You will be forever in my heart and in my thoughts. Life can be cruel, I just hope you are at piece now. Love you now and forever H xoxoxoxo



Tribute for Helina Joy Murray (Haimona) by SIMONE AKA OGTribute for Helina Joy Murray (Haimona) by SIMONE AKA OGTribute for Helina Joy Murray (Haimona) by SIMONE AKA OG

Wendi LeSassier shared

HELINA – The world lost an incredible and amazing woman in you.
Your light will shine forever beautiful angel.

Dennis Ashby & Family shared

You are our Lighthouse, shining strong & bright, though you shine no more, you will always shine forever so bright, in everyone’s hearts…..
Just some songs that remind me of you:

At the end of the day
Some you win, some you don’t
So I’m glad that I’m here
With some friends that I know
Always there with a smile
Saying you’re not alone
Singing la la la la Que sera


You will be missed as you can see now baby girl!!!! Your love reached so many…. Well done babe – You stared death in his eyes and you told him how & when you were ready.
Someone will be lucky to have you as their ANGEL. Will be missed so so much.

Love from us all

Kim Shaik shared

My Dear H saying goodbye to you is the hardest thing I’ve had to do….so I won’t! Instead my friend I say farewell till we meet again. Thank you for being my beautiful, thoughtful, life of the party, confidant (with an old soul) who gave the best hugs. Friends like you are like diamonds, precious and rare. You will never be forgotten, yet forever in my heart. My bud I loved you like there was no tomorrow……and then one day there wasn’t 🙁 I miss you H…RIP my friend. Heaven has got itself another angel xx

Tribute for Helina Joy Murray (Haimona) by Kim Shaik

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