Christopher Douglas Crawshaw .

Christopher Douglas Crawshaw .
Also known as: Chris
Date of birth: 11 November, 1960
Date of passing: 06 October, 2017

Passed away on Friday October 6, 2017 aged 56 years.
Loving and inspiring father of Rian, Aliza and Tylar,
father-in-law of Chrissie and Tom.
Loving and proud grandfather of Cora and Logan.
Loving son of Eric and Allison.

In Our Hearts Forever.

Christopher Douglas Crawshaw .Christopher Douglas Crawshaw .

Funeral Notice

Funeral Details

A service to celebrate the life of Mr. Christopher Douglas (Chris) Crawshaw
will be held at Bridges Restaurant 1075 Heidelberg-Kinglake Rd, Hurstbridge
on Monday October 16, 2017 commencing at 1pm.

Delice Carroll shared

You always made me laugh Craw, I will always remember you for your great sense of humour

Martin Anger shared

When I first saw Chris I knew he should be an alright fella……….he drank Melbourne. But as I got to know him I soon realised he was the most funny, happy go lucky bloke I would ever have the honour to meet. He was a man of his word, If he said he was going to do something he would.
I will miss the way you made me laugh so hard it hurt. I will miss our adventures in your HG Monaro (which with you driving could be a race car or a 4 wheel drive), where a 2 hour trip to a swap meet would turn into a 20 hour adventure. You loved to follow your nose down the road less travelled. I recon you could drive from the Murray to Melbourne using only dirt roads.
He was the greatest bloke I have met, the world is a sadder place without him. We are all going to miss you thrillseeker……..who is going to crack us up now?

A Tribute for Christopher Douglas Crawshaw . by Martin AngerA Tribute for Christopher Douglas Crawshaw . by Martin AngerA Tribute for Christopher Douglas Crawshaw . by Martin Anger

susanne perdevich shared

We Loved We Laughed We Traveled.
A wonderful Journey Chris
l Love You.. Susanne

Rob Coulson shared

Chris, I will always remember working on the HDT Monaro with you. Good times. We spent countless hours getting the old girl just right. You were fastidious. When the old girl was finished she looked a peach and I had many comments on how good the paint looked. I may not have seen you a great deal in the last few years but I enjoyed the occasional phone call and considered you a good mate. You will be sorely missed by many. Look after all the Monaro’s up there mate. Cheers Rob Coulson.

Cheryl Hargreaves shared

You’ll be sadly missed on our Easter weekends at Stump Hill. Love to your family❤️

Philip and Meg Blair shared

Fond memories of Chris, a friendly, genuine guy. Love to the family.

Andrew Jacqueline shared

So sad !! Will miss your great smile. Always a gentleman.

Rikki-Lee Farrer shared

Dear Chris,
Where do we begin? You will never know the love we have for you, the impact you’ve had on us or the hole you’ve left behind.

Your laugh and infectious smile, your charasmatic persona and that cheeky, quick wit will be so sorely missed. I truly pray you are at peace.

Please look down upon those you’ve left behind and help guide them through these days and beyond. Until we meet again mate xoxo

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