Chris Crimmins

Chris Crimmins
Date of birth: 04 September, 1963
Date of passing: 11 September, 2019
4/9/1963- 11/9/2019
Passed away peacefully.
Adored husband of Cheryl.
Loved father of Clay and Liarna, Connor and
Bec, Chaye and Cam, and Cherry.
Son of Mervyn and Pauline (dec).
Dearly loved brother of Julienne and Kevin,
Greg and Robyn (dec) and Natcha, Ann Maree
and Mick, Paul, Andrew and Jodie,
Colleen and Troy, and families.
Son-in-law of Clive, Grace (dec) and Robyn,
loved brother-in-law of Glenn and Leanne,
and family.
Loved forever.
It May Be Over
It may be over but it won’t stop there
I will always be here for you
and I will always care,
You changed my life, you changed me,
You changed my whole world
and saw me for me,
I’ve held your hand,
I’ve had your arms around me,
I’ve shared your bed, I’ve felt your heartbeat,
When I am asleep I still hold your
hand in mine
I think about you all of the time,
You’ve touched my heart,
You’ve been the one for me,
I’ve kissed your lips many times,
Their soft texture on mine,
I know you well, I know your smell,
I am a dreamer and when I wake
you can break my spirit,
But it’s my dreams you take,
As you move on remember me,
Remember us and all we used to be,
As now I feel hollow and empty,
Like I have nothing left in me,
I pretend to feel you in bed when I sleep,
Only to wake to see the other side empty,
I will always love you…!
~ Your loving wife, Cheryl.
Our loved father, we thank you for not only
being a great father, but also our friend. We
are proud to call you our father and even
prouder to be your children. You did an
amazing job and fought to the end. You no
longer have to suffer and the pain is now gone,
we hope you are proud of us.
Love always and rest easy now.
~ Love Clay, Connor, Chaye and partners.
Loved son of Mervyn and the late Pauline.
Now at rest. Deepest condolences to Cheryl,
Clay, Connor, Chaye and partners.
Dearly loved brother and brother-in-law of
Julienne and Kevin, uncle to Jacinta, Emily
and Matthew and partners.
We love you always and forever.
Taken much too soon, reunited with Mum.
Rest in peace.
In loving memory of my wonderful brother,
will be sadly missed every day.
Rest in peace now.
~ Love your big brother Greg and family.
My dear brother, our Uncle Chris. My brother,
my mate, our uncle, you are irreplaceable,
in our hearts forever.
~ Love always AnnMaree and Mick, Ashlee
and Declan, Molly and Brandon, and Brooke.
My brother, you will always be
loved and missed.
~ Love always, Paul.
Loved brother to Andrew and Jodie,
beautiful Uncle Chris to Mia.
The room will be empty without you in it,
hard to forget someone
who gave so much to remember Chris,
we love you lots and will miss you heaps.

Chris CrimminsChris Crimmins

Funeral Notice

Funeral Details

The Funeral Service for Chris Crimmins will be held in St Patrick’s Church, Ford Street, Wangaratta on Monday September 16th 2019 at 10.30am. Burial will follow the Service at the Wangaratta Lawn Cemetery.
No flowers by request. In lieu, a donation made in memory of Chris to Northeast Health Palliative Care would be appreciated. Donation envelopes will be available at the Church entrance.

Service Booklet

Colleen Moreland shared

Thank you for being you, no one will fill you shoes. Love Colleen, Troy, Ruby& Ridley

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