Beccky JOHNS

Beccky JOHNS
Date of birth: 23 November, 1992
Date of passing: 25 November, 2015

Beccky Sarah
23/11/1992 – 25/11/2015

You will always be the smile that lights up the world.

Beccky was so much to so many, but she was everything to us, and always will be.
She shared 23 incredible years of love, compassion, happiness, craziness, excitement and laughter,
but we wanted it to be forever.
She knew she was special, and loved by everyone.
She never let anything stand in the way of living the life that she dreamed about.
She faced everything with strength, determination and courage.

Beccky, we don’t know how we will ever be able to live without you.
Give Brett a big cuddle for us.

Loved daughter of Paul and Sue and Loved sister of Tara and Brett(decd).

We will love you forever –Mum, Dad and Tara.

Beccky JOHNSBeccky JOHNS

Funeral Notice

Funeral Details

Beccky Sarah

Mass of Thanksgiving to celebrate the life of the late Miss Beccky Sarah JOHNS will be held at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Wattle Street Bendigo on MONDAY (December 7th 2015) commencing at 2.00pm.
The Funeral will then arrive at the Winchelsea Cemetery on TUESDAY (December 8th, 2015) for an interment Service to commence at 1pm.
In lieu of flowers if preferred donations to Kidney Health Australia “Beccky Johns Research Fund” would be appreciated. Envelopes available at the Service.

Simon Mulqueen(Prop)

Mandy Ellison shared

You gave so much and asked for so little. You have been an inspirational young woman with a heart of gold and the most radiant smile, spreading peace and joy wherever you went, like an angel. You are so dearly loved by your family and friends. So sad you have to leave us so soon. Your work here is done and it is time now for your body to rest. Let your spirit fly high and be proud of all you have achieved in this lifetime. You will live on in the hearts of many beautiful one. Be at peace and feel the love sing you on to your next journey. Much love to your dear family as you and Brett continue to watch over them.

Melyssa Dunlop shared

Beccky, I really miss you. You were the perfect housemate and I couldn’t have asked for someone this special to share Melbourne with. We have so much in common and everything just worked – I could take the high up kitchen cupboards and you couod take the low ones. I could cook and you would never complain.
Thank you for spoiling me with weekly macaroons and fresh flowers, I was so excited to share that place with you. 6 weeks wasn’t long enough but it was all we had so I am eternally grateful. I love you so much, shine bright wherever you are. Thanks for teaching me how to live.

Tribute for Beccky JOHNS by Melyssa Dunlop

Debbie and Kat Fortnum (KHA) shared

Beccky, you were truly one of life’s inspirations. Your stories, your smiles, your crazy ideas, your ‘yes’ attitude and your wonderful way with everyone. Sharing kids camps and working with you was an honour. We will all endeavour to make a difference in your name. I know you will look down on us all with your huge heart and huge smile. Rest peacefully, Debbie and Kat Fortnum xxxxx

Anne Wilson (Melbourne Mum) shared

Beccky – tears flow and we are filled with sadness at your passing. Your young life was cut so horribly and unfairly short and yet all who know you will agree that you packed more living into your 23 years than many do in a long lifetime. Beccky from the moment you wrote to me telling me how much you really wanted to work at Kidney Health Australia and sent me your gorgeous ‘selfie’ you touched my heart and anyone who has ever met you feels the same way. Your beautiful bright personality, gorgeous happy face and smile lit up any room you entered. Your determination to make a difference, your compassion for others and your amazing ‘can do’ attitude – no matter what life threw at you have inspired me and everyone around you and will continue to do so forever. Your desk at Kidney Health Australia is as you left it and now has lots of flowers on it. Our office won’t be the same without you. You changed our world and taught us so very much in the short time you were with us. We love you and miss you Becck and know you will be with us on every Kidney Kids Kamp and Kids Kapers and all the work we do for young people with kidney disease. You are our inspiration!!!

Tribute for Beccky JOHNS by Anne Wilson (Melbourne Mum)

Bernadette, Peter, Matthew, Jackson, Jannah and Kaylee Sporn. shared

Beccky we shared your childhood and watched you grow into a beautiful young lady. You lived your life to the full and made the most of every minute. You had the most positive attitude even with the challenges you faced. Your love, laughter, compassion and determination to make a difference are now your legacy to inspire others to do the same. Our love goes out to Sue, Paul and Tara, hopefully we can all learn from you to love those around us a little bit more.

Kevin Callan shared

Kevin Callan
Beccky, I have only just found out about your passing in 2015 and I am very sad. I met you while you were working for Kidney Health Australia and doing a promotion day at Parliament House in Canberra, and you were working with Cassie. You took the time to listen to me while i explained that I had a daughter with a single kindney and other medical problems. Beccky you were a very special young lady. Always in my heart and not forgotten.
You were such a fighter and never gave up.

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