Andrew John BARRY

Andrew  John BARRY
Also known as: Andy
Date of birth: 26 September, 1984
Date of passing: 14 September, 2020


Andrew John


Passed away suddenly at Bendigo on 14th September, 2020.

Aged 35 Years.

Cherished husband of Bec.

Adored Dad of Taj and Zali.

Loved son of Geoff and Kerry.

Loved brother of Dale and Leisa, Sarah, and Kasey and Scott.

Loved uncle of Paige, Brodie, Maddi, Koby, Ethan, Charlotte, Coco, and Ariella.

‘Always Together, Never Apart’


SATURDAY 26th September 2020


Andrew John

Happy Birthday, today is your birthday, you would have been 36.
You are the most amazing man I have ever and will ever meet.
You were like a breath of fresh air, a very rare diamond and now you shine so bright from the heavens above.
Thankyou for loving me for me, your kind heart, can do attitude, beautiful smile and warm hugs are what I’ll  treasure forever.
You left us far too soon and my heart aches for you every second but I know you are always with me.
You were the most amazing Dad always so active and hands on with the kids and they will hold your memory close to their hearts forever.
Rest peacefully my love, I love you forever.
Always together – never apart
Love always – Bec xx


Dad – Thankyou for being the best dad ever. It’s not the same without you here. Thankyou for doing things with me like going for motorbike rides, bike rides, bush walks to hunt for gold, and taking me to work with you.

I miss you and love you so much – Love always Taj xx

Dadda – I love you. You are my dadda and I miss you. It’s not fair you’re not here anymore.
Thankyou for letting me put all my clips in your hair, for playing dolls and reading with me. You taught me to ride my bike without training wheels and would always come to the park with me when I asked.

I miss you and love you so much – Love your princess Zali xx



Andrew John

26/09/1984 – 14/09/2020

Passed away suddenly at Bendigo.  Aged 35 Years.

Of all the special gifts in life, however great or small

to have you as our Son was the greatest gift of all.

A special time, a special face,

a special Son, we can’t replace.

With an aching heart we whisper low

we miss you Digg and love you so.

Happy Birthday Digg xx

Forever loved

Mum and Dad xx



Andrew John

Goodbyes are not forever,

Goodbyes are not the end.

They simply mean I’ll miss you,

Until we meet again.

I miss you so much Digg, not only were you my brother, you were my best friend.

You were also the best uncle to my kids.

RIP Mate

Love you forever

Dale, Leisa, Paige, Brodie and Maddi. xx



Andrew John

Those special memories of you, will always bring a smile.

If only I could have you back, for just a little while.

I miss you so much Digg.

You will never be far from my thoughts.

Happy 36th Birthday!

I love you.

Sarah xxoo



Andrew John


You left us peaceful memories,

Your love is still our guide,

Although we cannot see you,

You are always at our side!

We miss our brother and uncle!

You will remain in our hearts forever

and will never be forgotten!

Happy 36th Birthday!

RIP Digg.

We love you!

Kasey, Scott & Koby xxx

Andrew  John BARRYAndrew  John BARRYAndrew  John BARRYAndrew  John BARRYAndrew  John BARRYAndrew  John BARRYAndrew  John BARRYAndrew  John BARRYAndrew  John BARRY

Funeral Notice

Funeral Details


Andrew John

A Service of Thanksgiving to celebrate the life of the late Mr. Andrew John BARRY will be held at the Bendigo Funeral Centre Chapel on Monday 28th September, 2020 commencing at 11.00am.

A Private Interment will follow.

Due to Covid Restrictions, attendance is by invitation only.  Members of the public are invited to view the Service via Live Streaming.  To access Live Streaming go to, to sign the Condolence Book go to the bottom of this page.


Simon Mulqueen(Prop.)

Tel. 5444 0400


Hayley McLennan shared

Digg, your beautiful soul will be missed and your spirit will shine on.
Love Hood xoxo

Dave Griffin shared

The last 12 months together I can never forget. Pool parties, family dinners and great conversation and you being that anal while building your erection. Our lock in a few months ago in the shed when we had the kids and thought it was 12pm and then the sun came up, we couldn’t have laughed any more! Then Bec having to take me to do the shopping while we had to buy you a mc chicken you could only look at! I have never had a brother but can tell what it feels like. I miss you so much x

Sarah Burns shared

Dear Andrew
When we think of you we think of this full of life character, with a cheeky grin, who would always stop for a chat no matter the circumstances. You were such a special guy.
We didn’t know you very well, but I knew how happy you made Bec and how supportive you were of her. You were her biggest fan and she always spoke of you with such love, and so proudly.
Rest in peace Andrew.

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